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The Anathema of Transformation

Transformation is, seemingly, a religious experience for many people. The concept of being rearranged by an experience with the Divine is likely repeated in every truly spiritual text you can find from ancient religions. Yet the process of transformation is, apparently, one we feel deeply opposed to.

When I was part of the church, I found myself regularly frustrated by how uninterested people seemed to be in actual transformation. People would attend bible study, arguably meant as a trans-formative occupation, and steadfastly refuse the idea that they should enter into the process of transformation. Mind you, they'd never state it so plainly, but the defenses were there, if you had eyes to see them. Their focus was, instead, on how they already knew what was necessary for change, had engaged in that process and had come cleanly out the other side.

Richard Rohr brings the resistance to light when he says "......true liminal space is always a threat to the status quo. It is su…

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