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Please Stop Thinking Everything is Fine Just Because You Don't Relate to What is Broken

I'm tired......

Yeah, that's not a bit original is it? I've started posts that way before.

But it's true.

I'm emotionally exhausted right now. Why? Well I'm glad you asked. I think you'll be a bit surprised.

You see, I went to the grocery store. Yeah, that's it, just the grocery store.

I wasn't there long, just needed a few things, some fresh, wholesome veggies, a bit of cheese and fruit. You know, the healthy stuff. Oh, and some chocolate cookies, and ice cream, and COKE! Well, because I would need to eat my feelings later, that much was clear.

Why? Because, as I said, I went to the grocery store. And, it seems to have caused a bit of PTSD.

The grocery store is in the same neighborhood as the home of my old pastor and his wife. Going there meant I had to face the real possibility that I might run into them there. The idea of running into them made my heart go into a bit of a panic. Then I had to talk myself down from the panic, because I am a big girl and…

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