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I'm Tired

There is a battle raging in our nation. Surely not only our nation, but it's where I live and it's what I hear day in and day out. For years, I've avoided most of the discussions altogether, at least the ones that would be called political.

I told myself that there was no point in discussing those things. I told myself that nothing will ever change. I told myself that the only thing worth talking about was Jesus anyway.

But recently, I've come to realize that was limiting thinking. The reason it is limiting, is that it doesn't take into account the reality that the people we hope to reach, with all our talk of Jesus, are living in the middle of all the current events we aren't engaging with. If we don't engage with what people are facing, then they will see us as unable to relate to them and their very real concerns. Whatever we have to offer will appear irrelevant. Will actually be irrelevant.

This is at least a part of what James is referring to in this pass…

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