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The Journey, Entry #4 - Raw Recovery Beginnings

It would be so easy to say that I haven't written more because I've just had a busy week( partly true). Or perhaps to make up some exotic excuse, like that I was 'traveling'. Or I could say that it is because I have company. And it's true, I do have company.

But the real reason I haven't written more of what I had promised was because the last time I sat down to prepare for my next post, I had an anxiety attack. 

Perhaps this is the exact segue needed to describe in accurate detail what the recovery process is about. Every day since that day, when the thought 'I want to sit down and write' enters my head, I quickly dismiss it with some sort of excuse which really means 'SHIT! I don't think I'm ready to write that bit without feeling that same dreaded interrupted breathing!'

Panic attack, anxiety attacks, or whatever other descriptive one might use to describe the feeling that comes over a person when they are overwhelmed beyond a normal …

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